Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Keg Stand: 2012 Royal Rumble Predictions

[Editor's Note: Earlier today I reviewed a random Royal Rumble match. Click HERE to read it.]

The Royal Rumble is this Sunday so I decided to post my predictions. I predicted each match in the order I think they will occur during the Royal Rumble event.

Random Royal Rumble Wrestling Match Review (January 28, 2012)

The Royal Rumble is this Sunday. I own volume 3 of the Royal Rumble Anthology DVD which contains the Attitude Era Royal Rumble events (1998-2002). I also have a few other Royal Rumble matches on DVD so I made a list of Royal Rumble matches that I own on DVD and my list has 35 matches. That is enough to randomly pick a match from that list and review it. My nameless Random Number Generator gave me the number 15. The Royal Rumble match I will review is...

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Random Wrestling Match Review (January 22, 2012)

I'm back with another Random Wrestling Match review. I didn't do a match review last week and I had to wipe the dust off my Random Number Generator. Fortunately, it still works fine and it gave me the number 236 this week. I checked my list and the match I will review this week is...

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Keg Stand: Zack Ryder is the Brian Scalabrine of the WWE

If you are a WWE fan, you have heard of the “Ryder Revolution”. One year ago, Zack Ryder was rarely on television and was a jobber in the WWE. Now the entire Internet Wrestling Community is talking about Zack Ryder. At WWE Live Events, fans chant his name, wear his broski wigs, and bring Zack Ryder signs. He has become very popular. The question is how popular is he? The fans love him but do they want him to be the WWE Champion? When I think of Zack Ryder, I don’t think of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin or The Rock. I don’t even think of a wrestler. I think of Brian Scalabrine.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston (Air Boom) are no longer the WWE Tag Team Champions. They lost to Epico and Primo during Sunday night's WWE Live Event in Oakland, California. Air Boom's title reign lasted 147 days. The last time a WWE tag team championship changed hands during a non-televised WWE Live Event was on December 13, 2008 when The Miz and John Morrison won the World Tag Team Championship in Hamilton, Ontario. They defeated CM Punk and, ironically, Kofi Kingston.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Keg Stand: Top 5 Biggest WWE Surprises in 2011

[Editor's Note: No Random Wrestling Match Review this weekend. Sorry...too busy.]

In my opinion, the WWE is very predictable sometimes. I can look at a Pay-Per-View card and usually successfully pick most of the winners. However, there are times when something happens in the WWE that I never expected to happened. In this Keg Stand, I will look at the top 5 things that happened in the WWE in 2011 that I was almost 100% sure would not happen when the year started.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Random Wrestling Match Review (January 7, 2012)

[Editor's Note: No Keg Stand column this week. I should have one next week.]

I have added several matches to my DVD collection during the holidays. The number of WCW/ECW/WWE matches I have on DVD or Blu-Ray is now at 434. This week, I randomly selected the number 89. The match I will review is...

Friday, January 6, 2012

Rare WWF Photos: Terri Runnels

In early 2000, I was 11 years old. That's too young for Playboy Magazines so the next best thing was a WWF RAW Magazine. Now before you get the wrong idea, remember that the year was 2000. That was during the ATTITUDE ERA. WWF Magazines were awesome back then. Every issue had a "Diva of the Month" feature in which they would pick a WWF Diva and do a photo shoot. WWF wasn't TV-PG back then so the photos were very racy. I got rid of most of my WWF magazines but I kept the February 2000 issue of RAW Magazine. I would like to say that I saved it because Mick Foley was on the cover but the truth is that I saved it because of Terri Runnels. After 2002, I stopped caring about wrestling but the photos of Terri Runnels in the issue were so hot that I had to keep it. The photos are so amazing that I had to share them. I hope you enjoy these photos because the WWE would never put photos this sexy in their magazine today.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Chris Jericho Returns to the WWE!!!

Chris Jericho is back in the WWE! He was gone over a year and it felt like a really long time. I'm not sure if Jericho is a face or a heel but it doesn't matter. What does matter is that Jericho can now continue to be the best in the world at what he does. No offense to my guy CM Punk, but Jericho is the best wrestler in the world right now. If Punk disagrees with that, he will have to prove it. I am very biased towards CM Punk and he is my favorite wrestler but there is no one better in the ring or on the microphone than Chris Jericho. I'm glad Jericho is back and I'm sure his third stint in the WWE will be just as successful as his first two stints and maybe more successful. It's only January 2 and the best WWE moment of the year in 2012 has already been established.