Sunday, July 20, 2014

WWE Battleground 2014 Preview

WWE Battleground is tonight in Tampa, Florida. I'm going to do a very quick preview of the Pay-Per-View. I'm only giving predictions to matches that have been officially announced. My YouTube Battleground Preview video with complete analysis of each match will be at the bottom of this preview. You can also watch it by clicking HERE.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

The 3 Count: WWE Money in the Bank 2014


UPDATE on July 5 9:09 PM CT : Wrestling Rambles is back up. This week's The 3 Count will stay here and won't be posted to Wrestling Rambles. A new The 3 Count will be posted to Wrestling Rambles this Wednesday.

[I have decided to post my Wrestling Rambles exclusive column to my blog this week. On Tuesday, I discovered that the Wrestling Rambles website was down and it is still down as I write this on Saturday. I had hoped to post this week's column on Wrestling Rambles, but my post day is every Wednesday and it feels too late to post it there now even if the website came back later today. I don't know when Wrestling Rambles is coming back. I have contacted Ray, the website owner, on Twitter via a tweet and a direct message. I have also sent him an email. I have not gotten any response from him. I will go on a break from writing The 3 Count if the Wrestling Rambles website is down indefinitely. I'm getting a little burnt out from writing and I could use a break. I put a lot of effort into every wrestling thing I do so it's hard for me to give less than 100% effort for eveything I write even if I don't feel like writing much. I'm currently making more videos for my YouTube channel and like my writing, I put a lot of effort into that too. So taking a break from writing will give me more time for my YouTube videos. I don't want to take a long break from writing. I want to go back to writing about wrestling soon. I have been doing this since April 2011 and I don't think I have taken a break that was longer than two weeks. I know that I will be writing again sooner than later. What I don't know is where I will be writing. As of right now, I have not applied to write at a different wrestling website and I am not planning to leave to Wrestling Rambles. I still consider myself an active staff writer for Wrestling Rambles, but I have thought about the possibility of writing somewhere else. I have written for Wrestling Rambles for over two years so I would like to stay there. Hopefully, Ray responds to me soon. I won't make a decision about where I will write until I see what Ray has to say about Wrestling Rambles. I have not currently set any deadline for Ray to respond. My plan is that I will take a break from writing until I know what's going to happen to Wrestling Rambles. That's all I'm going to say about that for right now.]