About "Pro Wrestling Smackdown"

Welcome to my blog. I'm Tony Kegger. This blog will focus on WWE aka World Wrestling Entertainment.

The main reason I am doing this blog is because in late April 2011, I applied to be a new writer at thejohnreport.net (now tjrwrestling.com) and I failed to get hired. I was disappointed but I was going up against 183 applicants so I knew that my chances of getting hired were slim. I am not a rookie writer. I wrote for my high school newspaper and I contributed to my high school's official web site. I also wrote for my college newspaper. I have a couple other blogs under a different name that you probably never heard about but they are out there. I can write. However, I usually write about sports and WWE is not a sport. I was a rookie wrestling writer at the time so the fact I failed to get hired at The John Report does not surprise me. But here is the reason I made this blog. The John Report asked applicants to submit a column. This column would be a weekly addition to the website if the applicant got hired so I picked a column topic I knew I could do every week. My column didn't get selected but I had thought of several column story ideas so I would be ready if I got hired. Instead of letting those stories get buried in my mind forever, I decided to post them here. If The John Report is not going to display my work, I am going to find other ways to get my stuff out there. Even if I don't get anywhere close to the amount of exposure my work would have gotten on The John Report, at least it is out there. I thought some of these column stories could be interesting and I wanted to write them.

In this blog, I will be looking at current feuds, upcoming events, old matches, and whatever else is worth discussing in WWE.